Deploying and Using SCVMM – Part 0/6

In this Quick Start Series we will show you how quickly and easily you can set up your own SCVMM and Hyper-V cluster.  In this series we are using Server 2012R2, iSCSI Target Server for shared storage and SCVMM as a single management interface for the virtual infrastructure.  In each video we will show you how to install and configure the various components to set up a Microsoft virtualization solution leveraging SCVMM.  We will show how to perform these configuration operations in GUI and then again in PowerShell.
To reproduce the environment in this video series you need:
  • 2 physical computers for Hyper-V hosts
  • 1 VM/Physical server for iSCSI target software (Running Windows 2012R2)
  • 1 VM/Physical server for SCVMM (Running Windows 2012R2)
  • Install any Windows Server 2012R2 SKU Core/Full
  • Network connectivity with at least 1 NIC between all the systems

Video 1 – SCVMM Installation & Introduction
Video 2 – Configuring Networks & Logical Switches
Video 3 – Configuring SMI-S  and SMB3 Storage
Video 4 – Deploy Clusters In VMM
Video 5 – SCVMM Patch Management
Video 6 – SCVMM VM Management

5 thoughts on “Deploying and Using SCVMM – Part 0/6

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  4. RealBuRn

    Just wanted to give a big thumbs up for this cristal clear step by step guide on how to setup clustering using VMM step by step. Been looking for days for a good tutorial. Seems this is it.
    Going to recommend this site to anyone I know who starts with HyperV!


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